М. Т. Gologanov 54 1/7, 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

Strengthening the resilience of local communities to violent extremism in Macedonia

CCG has received a grant from the British Embassy and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Skopje to implement the project called “Strengthening the resilience of local communities to violent extremism in Macedonia”, with duration from October 15 2018 until October 15, 2020. The project aims to support the National Strategy and Action Plan for Countering Violent Extremism by strengthening cooperation between local actors including civil, religious and youth leaders and local/central authorities on CVE issues, and by establishing Community Action Teams (CATs) within three pilot Municipalities, Chair, Gostivar and Kichevo.

The project is planning to deliver the following 4 outputs through implementation of the following 12 activities:

Output 1:  Community Action Teams (CAT) on CVE are formed in three pilot municipalities and implement their mandate

  • Activity 1.1 Facilitate coordination meetings with different local stockholders in all three pilot municipalities, as well as coordination between the national coordinator’s team and local community representatives.
  • Activity 1.2 Define guidelines for the local Community Action Teams.

Output 2:  The Local Action Plan on CVE in three Pilot Municipalities created and approved by Municipal Councils

  • Activity 2.1 Organize one introduction training on CVE for the members of the Community Action Teams in each of the three pilot municipalities.
  • Activity 2.2 Organize three workshops per municipality for the preparation of the Local Action Plan on CVE with the members of the Community Action Teams.
  • Activity 2.3 Youth local debates/events

Output 3:  Local and central community authorities and religious leaders collaborate on capacity building and policy measures to build community trust and prevent violent extremism.

  • Activity 3.1 In-country policy analysis papers on building linkages between the central and local government and religious leaders.
  • Activity 3.2 Capacity building for local government authorities, including members of CAT and representatives of the security services on P/CVE
  • Activity 3.3 Organize comprehensive training and support for religious communities to counter online radicalism
  • Activity 3.4 Trust-building dialogues between local government, government security services, educational and faith institutions and religious leaders
  • Activity 3.5 Develop training modules on CVE for CSOs and youth and sport associations
  • Activity 3.6 Deliver two pieces of training for building local capacities on P/CVE for the representatives of the CSOs and youth and sports associations.

Output 4: Youth groups engaged in advancing social cohesion and preventing violent extremism of the youth across dividing lines and promoting collaboration and confidence building.

  • Activity 4.1 Community outreach events