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Announcement for Consultant/Company for the Needs Assessment

The Centre for Common Ground (CCG) seeks an experienced consultant or a company to carry out the Rapid Needs Assessment of its project Enhancing women to promote peace and security by increasing awareness about gender-based violence and violent extremism in North Macedonia”.


Since 2008, Centre for Common Ground (CCG) has been working toward reconciliation, interethnic relations and stability in the Western Balkans. CCG’s mission is to transform the way people and communities deal with conflict – away from adversarial approaches and towards cooperative solutions. Its projects are created to strengthen societies’ capacity to deal with conflicts constructively: to understand the differences and act on the commonalities. Using innovative tools such in education, media, dialog, sport, arts and culture and working at different levels of society, CCG engage in pragmatic long-term processes of conflict transformation building social cohesion and using non-violent communication.


In the scope of the project “Enhancing women to promote peace and security by increasing awareness about gender-base violence and violent extremism in North Macedonia”, funded by the “Women’s Inclusion in New Security (WINS) Rapid Response Fund (RRF), CCG intend to carry out a Rapid Needs Assessment of the Project. The goal of this research is to gain insights into the current situation and identify the specific needs of the target local communities related to gender-based violence and violent extremism in North Macedonia. The findings of this assessment will inform the project’s future activities and interventions.


For this purpose, CCG announced a public call for an external Consultant or Company to conduct the Needs Assessment and to prepare the Report on the findings.


The timeframe for the execution of the Rapid Needs Assessment is from 1 to 30 November, 2023.


All interested subjects are invited to find the detailed information in the TOR for this engagement on the following link.


The documentation should be sent on the following e-mail address: ccg@ccg.org.mk


Thank you for your interest in CCG programs.